Energy Efficiency Services

For Homes

Once a Home Energy Analysis targets specific energy waste the weatherization process begins. EnergyWize weatherization process includes:

  • utilizing years of home remodeling and construction experience
  • use of variety of technology and techniques to determine your energy inefficiencies
  • implementing tried and true methods to eliminate wasted energy

Once an analysis of your home is done a personalized plan is presented reviewing your energy loss along with a list of corrective measures to improve your comfort and reduce your energy costs.   Our construction background offers insight into the best ways to resolve any issue. We have available HVAC, insulation, spray foam, electrical, mechanical, and building construction crews to meet your specific needs.

Most of a weatherization process is focused on air infiltration, especially around doors, windows, vent pipes and chases, bandboard, top sills, and wiring that penetrates the ceiling and floor.  Using various foaming and sealing products and processes we seal your home then utilize more traditional processes such as insulation in attics, walls, floors, crawl spaces, and basements, installation of automatic thermostats, more efficient lighting, addition of power saving devices, and maintenance or upgrade of HVAC systems and appliances.

EnergyWize Services include:

  • Home inspection with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Utility bill analysis and simulation to offer direction for corrective measures
  • A personalized listing of energy improvement recommendations specific to your home
  • Offering services to resolve your issues that make you more comfortable and lower your energy costs