Solar for Farms and Agriculture

“Your Energy Wize Co. installation of our 105-panel solar array on the roof of our farm office and Energy Information Center building was impressive.  we appreciate your thoroughness and taking care of all the paperwork for grants.  We hope you can put a similar array on the ground.”

Ralph Dull
Dull Homestead, Inc.

Photovoltaic (PV) Solar at the Dull Homestead Farm in Brookville, OH ties into their main service providing power for all of their operations.   Clean energy from 105 Solar panels supplies 22.5 kilowatts of power to supplement their utility power.

Panels installed by EnergyWize, LLC

Installation includes vertical rails on 3-inch risers to raise the panels off the roof for air circulation.

Three (3) SMA inverters each convert 7000 watts of solar DC power to AC power and tie into a main

Agricultural operations have many opportunities to take advantage of both Hot Water Solar Thermal applications and Photovoltaic generated electric solar power.

Crop and Grain Drying

Using the sun to dry crops and grain is one of the oldest applications of solar energy. Today Solar drying equipment from installed PV solar electric can power the latest drying equipment.

The costs of solar collectors have been drastically reduced and government incentives and grants make them cost-effective.

If a farm has a crop dryer already in place, it may make sense to install a low-cost solar heater to supplement propane, oil heaters, gasoline, or diesel-powered generators.

Greenhouse Heating

Commercial greenhouses often rely on the sun for lighting, but on gas or oil heaters to maintain constant temperatures.   Collecting and storing solar energy as heated water or electric provides for heat for the night and cold days. PV electrics can provide power for lighting, fans, water pumping, and opening and closing large insulating shutters.

Typically solar arrays in an agricultural application will pay for themselves in 2 to 4 years through energy savings, depreciating them as business equipment, and taking advantage of significant tax benefits and energy incentives that only farmers can take advantage of.

Remote Electricity Supply

Sunlight on Photovoltaic (PV) panels can generate electricity for remote areas.  If the need is for small amount of energy or a large amounts, solar is often a cheaper option than new electric lines for providing power to remote locations.  And because they require no fuel and have no moving parts, they are more convenient to operate and maintain than diesel or gasoline generators.

PV systems are a highly reliable and low-maintenance option for electric fences, lights, and water pumps, crop irrigation systems, and pond aeration.

Remote livestock water supply

Solar pumping is a natural match for summer grazing applications, since it produces the greatest volumes of water in sunny weather and during long summer days—exactly when animals need water the most.  Remote pumps can be either DC or AC. Typically a DC water pump uses one-third to one-half the energy of conventional AC (alternating current) pump.  Either DC displacement or centrifugal pumps can use Solar PV DC power directly or through battery storage.

Rural Energy for America Program

Renewable Energy System and Energy Efficiency Improvement Guaranteed Loan and Grant Program.
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MAGE Solar

EnergyWize is a proud supplier of Mage Solar PV panels and services. German design panels produced in Georgia, USA provides the quality design and manufacture of high performance products for farm applications. The PV panels are tested for their resistance against ammonia, salts, and corrosive gases, all possible elements of a farm environment.