Solar Thermal


Solar thermal (hot water) collectors can be used to produce domestic hot water for residential needs, providing up to 70% or more of the annual hot water a family uses.

Solar thermal collectors are 30% – 70% efficient in converting the sun’s energy into usable heat which is one of the best ways to get Free energy from the sun year round. There is a quick primer on how solar thermal systems work on the VELUX web site.

Typically 1 sq. ft. of solar thermal collector can produce up to 1 1/2 gallons of hot water per day. So a 4’ x 10’solar thermal collector can produce 40 – 60 gallons of 120° water per day in Ohio.

Ohio residents can get both Federal tax incentives and Ohio’s Green Energy Ohio (GEO) rebates for installing solar hot water. The Federal government currently offers a 30% tax credit to homes and businesses that install a solar hot water system AND Ohio’s nonprofit group, GEO, provides rebates up to $2400.

EnergyWize designs and installs several types of solar hot water systems for homes including Velux Solar Thermal units which lay flush with the roof and flashed in like traditional sky lights or other suppliers of larger units for integrating into radiant floor heating systems.

VELUX solar collectors have been designed to hug the roofline, creating a streamlined, aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Read more about the Velux solar water heating value proposition.

We can help you select the right solar package and design a system to fit your needs.